About Ain’t Never

Are you confused by when to use log in or login? Do you have a hard time remembering the difference between palette and palate?

Ain’t Never features weekly mnemonic devices and simple explanations to help you remember proper usage, spelling and punctuation of the English language (especially in written form). No memorizing boring grammar rules here! Just good-humored fun, peppered with an occasional lighthearted grammar rant. (OK, maybe more than occasional.)

Why a grammar blog? Because grammar is important! Expressing yourself clearly makes you seem smarter and more conscientious. It shows your reader that you respect them, and increases your chances of being understood correctly. And because people do judge.

About Me

I’m a grammar geek with a severe case of Red Pen Syndrome. People with this affliction, often to the annoyance of their family and friends, have intense urges to correct spelling, punctuation, and other grammatical errors on restaurant menus, signage, and pretty much everyplace else where words exist.

My professional background includes four years’ teaching English in incomparable, fabulous Japan, and 12 years in public relations and marketing in the footwear and medical industries.

I am a big fan of the serial comma and my favorite word is defenestrate.

Questions? Comments?

Do you have burning questions about English grammar or usage?  Comments about the site?  Tell me!  And thanks for visiting. 🙂

One thought on “About

  1. Regarding your discussion of log in/login, I have the same issue with people using shut down/shutdown. Is the origin of shutdown the same as login?

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